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One-size bag can be used in 2 sizes – small (e.g. for two nappies) or big (for up to 6 nappies). Simply adjustable by 2 snaps. Also the handle has one snap to be fixed e.g. on the pram, bathroom...

18,00 Fr.

This is a waterproof bag to keep your wet and/or soiled diapers in while you're out and about. Zipper top closure secures the bag shut. This bag can accommodate 6-8 diapers.Keep at least 2 on hand...

18,00 Fr.
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Very practical to stock your soiled diapers. When it is time for laundry, just open the bag and wash it with your diapers.

25,00 Fr.
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The Smartbottoms Wet Bag is perfect for containing a day's worth of dirty nappies. It will hold approximately 6/8 AIO style nappies.

19,00 Fr.

The great idea to stock your dirty diapers at home between washes!! This wet bag is thoughtfully designed to hang from a doorknob or hook in any room of your home. Wash right along with your dirty...

22,00 Fr.

The bumGenius Weekender Wet Bag is a washable, and leak-resistant bag with zipper closure and snap-able handle. It is an essential and fashionable travel accessory to store wet clothing or cloth...

20,00 Fr.

bumGenius Outing Wetbag Washable, leak resistant bags with zipper closures and snapable handles. An essential and fashionable accessory to store cloth diapers or other wet clothing while on the go.

15,00 Fr.
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Our hanging wet bag is the perfect alternative to a diaper pail.

32,00 Fr.

22 x 24 cm 100% polyester Ideal assistant to store and wash small cloth items like breast pads, lady pads or cleansing pads.

5,50 Fr.

Small waterproof bag to store small wet things such as breast pads, cloth panty liners, cloth wipes etc. Or simply to store your essentials such as cosmetics or snack !

9,50 Fr.
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Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items