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    Diapers Washing

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    Bleaching salt 1kg  - ULRICH natürlichmade of sodium percarbonate which dissolves into oxygen and soda

    11,00 Fr.

    ULRICH Lanolin Wool Treatment for replenishing wool clothing as well as diapers, diaper pants etc. after washing. Contains lanolin

    9,00 Fr.

    Essential for your regular nappy washing routine, miofresh is designed to clean, freshen and deodorise reusable nappies and other garments at low temperatures. To add to your usual detergent.

    10,50 Fr.
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    22 x 24 cm 100% polyester Ideal assistant to store and wash small cloth items like breast pads, lady pads or cleansing pads.

    5,50 Fr.
    Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items