All that you will need to use cloth diapers. The diaper brands have thought of all kind of accessories to make our life easier.

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Bleaching salt 1kg  - ULRICH natürlichmade of sodium percarbonate which dissolves into oxygen and soda

11,00 Fr.

ULRICH Lanolin Wool Treatment for replenishing wool clothing as well as diapers, diaper pants etc. after washing. Contains lanolin

9,00 Fr.

Bamboo insert for Pop In V2. Contain insert and soaker.

12,00 Fr.
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Muslin squares are an essential item for any parent. This is a multi-purpose product that has so many everyday uses from mopping up spills to using as a burp cloth or comfort blanket and much more.

15,00 Fr.

Set of 3 reusable food pouches 90ml - "Sophie la Girafe" Collection + 1 Squiz'top adapter. Squiz is an all-in-one, easy-to-use pouch: filled by wide zipped bases, stored in the refrigerator or...

18,75 Fr. 25,00 Fr.

Pop-in liners are shaped to fit our nappies but can be used in any washable nappies to make change time that little bit easier. 

11,00 Fr.

The perfect addition to any reusable nappy to maximise absorbency. Great to use over night too!

12,00 Fr.
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One-size bag can be used in 2 sizes – small (e.g. for two nappies) or big (for up to 6 nappies). Simply adjustable by 2 snaps. Also the handle has one snap to be fixed e.g. on the pram, bathroom...

18,00 Fr.

6 Pack of inserts SIO basic Plus to use with the cover Petit Lulu

115,00 Fr.

10 Pack of inserts SIO basic Plus to use with the cover Petit Lulu ( SIO Cover)

185,00 Fr.

Waterproof and velvety mat is a great assistant when changing. Helpful when travelling, at the doctor’s, inside the pram or cot…

21,00 Fr.
Showing 1 - 12 of 41 items