How did the idea of ​​the LPH Pannolinoteca come out?

I discovered cloth diapers in 2014, while I was expecting our second child with a friend who were using them. It was a discovery that has opened up a whole new world to me. My difficulty, however, was to find them around me. It was an odyssey. After a lot of researches on the internet, sometimes even wrong orders , I decided I had to do something to make cloth diapers known to most parents . I took a year off to be a mom, and with the support of my husband I created my company.

Accustomed to professional changes, it was very natural to project myself in a new professional challenge, so in November 2014 was born Les Petits Hiboux. It was nice to be able to create a job compatible with the flexibility required by the family life.

I am French and Swiss, and I live in Ticino, the southern part of Switzerland where Italian is the official language, my husband is American ... If you need informations, I can help you in French, Italian or English. Do not hesitate to ask.


We want to help families to find eco-friendly and convenient alternatives, and to be aware of their choices: to promote alternatives to the way we live where "disposable" is the normality without considering the consequences on our environment.

I want to make a difference in our community. We care to offer our customers a personalized service and high quality products.

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I find that Coralie is very helpful and courteous, attentive to customer needs. Her pannolinoteca is always well stocked and she knows well what is right for everyone. I am very satisfied with her service and recommend it with pleasure


I have learned about the pannolinoteca Les Petits Hiboux randomly through the internet. I wanted to try cloth diapers so I took advantage of the availability of Coralie and her rental service, the diaper trail kit. I find this service fantastic without perhaps I would not have ventured into this beautiful colorful world, for a few francs you have the opportunity to take home a kit consisting of different types of diapers so you can try and realize what's right for you. With a better idea then you could buy diapers directly from Coralie offering a wide choice of quality products with certified materials at a price more than fair and she is always ready to respond with kindness to my questions. I recommend Les Petits Hiboux Coralie.


During my pregnancy, I came across a very interesting newspaper article about cloth diapers, and from there I began to inform me. Since there are many models and colors and patterns I have contacted Coralie who was very kind to me and explained all the various models, how to you use them and how to wash them and so. Curiosity for cloth diapers has increased and so I decided to try them. At the beginning It seemed a lot of work of washing machines but then after a couple of times we do not notice anymoreif they were more laundry.


Cloth diaper, what a passion! Chosen for the ecological aspect they have become for me and my family the right choice. After an initial adjustment period to find the right type for my child, for the various needs of the day and night, have become for us the most comfortable choice: always have them at home and be able to choose the right model at the right time gives us great freedom. And then all these colors and patterns, make you forget about the "fatigue" to wash them (there are tricks that save you a lot of work in this regard and Coralie is a great support for problems, doubts and questions on every aspect It regards the cloth diapers.)


Coralie takes your hand and leads you into a world that care about you, your family and the community. Since using the products she recommended, we can not help it: from cloth diapers to simple cleansing wipes and many more ... a healthy awareness of daily activities and the possibility, in its own small way, to respect the environment !