Cloth Diapers 

Cloth diapers, a judicious choice, convenient and eco-friendly

You never thought about using cloth diapers? They have nothing to do with those who used our grandmothers! They are easy to use. They are healthier than the disposable diapers that use so many chemicals,
for delicate skin of babies and are resistant to leaks. There are many types for all needs. They are eco-friendly and above all make you save a lot! A child from birth to potty uses about 6300 disposable diapers.

30 months (2,5 years) X 30 days X 7 diapers a day=6300

6300 * 0,40cts= 2520 CHF

A new quality cloth diaper costs around 30 CHF. For exclusive use you must have at least twenty.

20 * 30 = 600 CHF

The diapers can be reused by brothers or sisters allowing you to make further substantial economies. The impact on the environment represents one ton of waste per child, as well as all the energy to product them. The use of cloth diapers reduces the total volume of waste and so on reduce the cost to the community.